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My initial goal was to think about my health and fitness.  I was keen to change my eating habits and increase my physical activity.  I was fed up of clothes feeling too tight!  It had become a cycle of eating sensibly on Monday and Tuesday, but old bad habits kicking in by midweek.

Through discussions with Emma, I began to view health in a more rounded way.  I started to see healthy eating and physical fitness as two parts of a much bigger picture.  Emma helped me see the importance of quality time for myself away in between family commitments and work commitments – I no longer feel guilty for grabbing a solo coffee!  Emma reminded me about the benefits of ‘date nights’ with my husband – something we have been doing regularly since.   Emma and I looked for patterns in my day, low points, when the temptation to grab a slab of chocolate kicks in.  Emma had a number of practical strategies for dealing with this.

More quality time for me and more date nights with my husband!  I am thinking about manageable goals to help me eat healthily and move more, celebrating little successes.  When my mood is low, using strategies that Emma has suggested (such as reflecting on a special, fun time with family and friends or having a boogie to upbeat music). 

Exploring the human needs and finding what is most important to me has been an interesting journey and at times a little surprising.  Emma has shown me how important the ‘contribution’ strand is to me.  Emma has given me tools for positive relationships with my own three children, my husband and work colleagues.

If I had no coaching I suspect I would still be moaning about clothes being too tight without actually doing much about it!  I would have continued to focus on eating and fitness, without considering other aspects of overall health and wellbeing.

I recognise that ‘contribution’ is important to me and I make sure I have plenty of opportunities to meet this need.  I think about health in a different, far more positive way. 


I feel so much happier!

Freddie (15 years old)

My time with Emma has been enlightening and life changing. She knew all the questions to ask and opened my mind to new vistas and opportunities in life. I would highly recommend that anyone looking to improve their life consults Emma as I did! She is kind, professional and very easy to talk to. Thank you, Emma!


I tried life coaching to help me with a rut at work: I wanted to make more salary, see a way forward in my job and a way out of communication issues with my line manager. Emma listened to my problems. I was embarrassed that I was having issues at work but it felt so easy and comfortable sharing these with Emma. She was a great listener, encouraging and best of all, she helped me identify the source of my problems and gave me tools to create a better situation for myself! It really has helped! Since meeting with Emma I feel a renewed passion and confidence in my work. With Emma's guidance, I have moved on from the issues I had with my line manager in a professional and competent way. I feel really proud of myself. I am so glad I did life coaching with Emma and I have recommended it to my friends and family for whatever situation (personal or professional) that they might feel in a rut about!

Before beginning my journey with Emma, I was feeling extremely overwhelmed trying to balance my work life and life as a mum to a young child. I had recently got a promotion at work and while I was excited about the new position I felt extreme guilt about the time I would have to give up with my daughter. My coaching journey with Emma was transformational. I have done therapy quite extensively in the past, but what I particularly liked about the coaching model is how it was action-oriented. We delved into my different selves and thought patterns which was definitely illuminating, but we always circled back to what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted my life to look moving forward. This has made me feel empowered and also helped me to accept that I can be many things at once, as we all are, and that that's okay. I now feel excited about my new role and know that my daughter will benefit from having a happy mother who is excited about the life she's leading. I'm so grateful to Emma who has been an amazing support throughout this journey. She is a great listener and has helped me to understand that I have the power to change my life for the better. Lauren

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