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My Story

Coaching and Well being have become passions I would like to share with my clients. My son was only two and a half when I got divorced and my world was turned upside down. I have grown through the many challenges that my new situation has presented me with. I came face to face with the many uncertainties of an unknown life and had to reinvent myself as a working mum, living abroad without the support of her family.

I also had to re-examine my core values, my social life, sense of connection with people around me along with my behavioural patterns in order to carve a new, happier life for myself and my son. Learning to communicate better with my ex-partner and fitting into my community in order not only to reach out but also to contribute were key to my new well being. 

My professional background is in Secondary school teaching. Throughout the last twenty-five years, I have discovered what challenges students are facing not only academically but also on a personal level.

In this post-Covid period, it looks like many teenagers are suffering from added stress and struggle to navigate in these very uncertain times. Low self-esteem is an issue that most teenagers face at some point. It can be crippling but at the same time it can be alleviated. Joyfulness is our natural state and this can be restored through coaching. Happier relationships can be formed in order to get a more balanced and fruitful life. I very much believe that coaching is for all and that no issue is too big or too small to be tackled.

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As a practical psychologist, I've learned how to mobilise instantly and figure out what's really going on, what's stopping someone, what he or she needs, and how to create a shift. Out of necessity I've had to find the triggers and tools that shift people's perception of what things mean and what they can do. I've developed techniques that can change not only their emotions and psychology, but also what actions they take to reshape their lives. And these aren't temporary changes-they last.

     Tony Robbins (Co-Founder of the RMT Life Coach Training)

My Mission

Coaching is a professional service, goal and result focused, that can be tailored to fit the client's needs. Listening to teenagers and parents in order to be able to match their requests is a must. 

With more than 200 tools coaching can help with:

  • relieving stress and anxiety 

  • low self-esteem

  • dealing with difficult emotions

  • separation and divorce

  • bereavement

  • communication skills

  • better relationships with families, friends and colleagues

  • work-family balance

  • clearer career path

  • time management and procrastination

  • finding your spark

  • greater happiness...

I help people with their goals and want to make sure they reach the latter and take the steps in order to support their actions so that they can see results.

Although I consider my mission is to primarily help teens and parents I do believe that coaching is of benefit to all. Couples, families and small groups are most welcome to my practice. 

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