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Is Coaching for you or your child?

As a parent you would benefit from Life coaching if you:

  • Struggle to communicate with your child 

  • Fail to grasp what your child needs

  • Feel self-critical and unfulfilled as a parent

  • Crave a harmonious work/life balance

  • Struggle to understand your child’s behaviour

  • Spend sleepless nights over a parental problem

  • Feel you need to be the perfect parent to get it right

  • Suffer from a loss of identity and feel you have lost your Mojo


To determine if your child would benefit from Life Coaching ask yourself:

  • Is my child, happy, fulfilled, thriving and leading a balanced life?

  • Is my child struggling to communicate his needs?

  • Is my child suffering from anxiety, stress, big hang ups or strong emotions?

  • Is my child resilient when faced with adversity?

  • Is my child socially isolated?

  • Is my child suffering from an identity crisis and 

  • Is my child  underachieving? Overachieving? 

  • What makes my child sparkle?

  • How do I know my child is thriving in every area of his life?

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